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As i celebrated her birthday on 8th January, i told her we would formally and casually live.
 All it required is to forget the past and just remain friends but she doubted.
I am not denying historical examples where that boundary has been crossed, but i can stand by my decision.
We just have to set the standards high and  never trespass into erotic territory again.
So I didn’t miss the pillow talk, the cuddling, the sweet nothings.

I boldly told her that "You were born into fearlessness,but the world may have taught you to fear unfortunately i don't fear losing you."

Mum told me that "You’re going to date a few cowards before you meet someone brave enough to love you."  and it turned out it happened with you.
I don’t need approval from people who hold different morals than me. I don’t need judgment from people who are supposed to love me.
Religion has the most place and priority in my decision making and science is less on my side, 

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