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Are you interested in becoming a penetration tester, if so then you need to know about SATAN.
SATAN stands for “Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks.
The creators of SATAN gained notoriety a few years before SATAN’s release when they published a paper entitled “Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into It” (Farmer & Veneman, 1993).

The novel idea was not popular with some system administrators, because the paper provided a training manual of sorts for new hackers.
As an administrator, there is one way to deal with protecting the system by braking into it otherwise 
Guessing the domain name can be done but alternative methods of security may include;

  1. Shadow password files
  2. Password selection enforcers
  3. One-time passwords
  4. Electronic smart cards

Now we must turn aside a little from our path, in the direction of the malignant beast that lies in wait.” —Dante Alighieri, Inferno.
I occasionally comment on how neat I find their work to be, refraining from critiques or personal skill assessment in general.
Many of the tasks involved need someone who can think outside the box and beyond, you need to read extensively to master this because you can't think outside the box when am inside the box.
As a matter of fact some tasks need to be handled not even considering the box.


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